WhatsApp Sender Pro


All you need to run this software is Just 2 devices – A Windows computer and an Android phone.
You will be given a unique license key to unlock your software.


WhatsApp Sender Pro is the easiest way to get more clients and customers for your business for free, without paying for adverts.

You can reach a wide number of people instantly on WhatsApp without using complex code, without adding people to random groups or sending disturbing BCs which nobody likes.

Just simply extract a list of the numbers you want to message from any WhatsApp Group with the WhatsApp Sender Pro software, type the message you want to send or attach a picture or video and hit send. And they will receive the message just like a normal chat.

How WhatsApp Sender Pro Works

This software is highly effective for:


– Thought Leaders
– Podcasters
– Comedians
– Pastors
– Information Marketers
– Real Estate marketers
– E-commerce marketers

You can use this to build your audience quickly and send traffic anywhere. Your email list, podcast, website, blog, social media handles, online store etc.